5 killer tips for hiring the perfect accountancy firm for your business

5 killer tips for hiring the perfect accountancy firm for your business

When you hire an accountancy firm, you have to look at something more than just finding a perfect fit for crunching numbers or obtaining the maximum returns through tax filings. You have to think of future needs. Ensuring the growth of your company is one essential component that must be kept in mind right from the inception of your business.

Read around and you will find that the demand of accountants have risen for a range of different reasons and one of such demands is to play an important role in risk management. This is one of the repercussion that the world has suffered on account of the global economic downturn.

The current situation calls for a dire action to enhance the ability to make sound decisions. This may sound a bit too easy but we live in a risky and uncertain world where even such easy decisions require immense skills and expertise. This is where a qualified accounting firm comes into use. They have the potential to help your business take such decisions. They are the perfect fit because they remain abreast with the latest information that has been drawn from accurate data.

If you have just started a business, then hiring a rookie will suffice. However, this move will not pay off well in the longer run if your business was to grow and turn more complex.

So the need arises to hire the perfect accountancy firm for your needs. How do you do that? We will give you 5 killer tips that will help you judge which firm can fit the role.

Obtain referrals

Always ask for referrals through word of mouth. This is because firms are more likely to feel obligated to give quality services if they have been referred. Also, it gives you useful insights as to how capable the firm is.

Always know your business needs

Are you looking for a firm that will only handle your accountancy books and file taxes? Or you want a reliable source from where you can obtain important advice on how to ensure a growth in business? Majority of the businesses want an advice on a range of different issues. With the well-rounded knowledge of these professionals, you can do a lot better.

Always determine accessibility

When you just start a new relationship with an accounting firm, you will need to be in touch with them more often during the initial period. In case you have a bigger business with more employees and complex issues, then this factor needs to be seriously taken into account. You have to be sure that the required staff has been allocated by the firm for your needs. Having the opportunity to talk comfortably with the firm is important. Hence, always determine accessibility before you set out to hire a firm.

Ask for the firm’s list of clients and references

Firms that have experience of having had handled other companies are the ones with adequate experience regarding the business laws. References may tell you more about the firm on matters such as any issues or complaints that may have been filed against the firm.

Ask to be kept informed

Some firms may have their own newsletters and blogs for keeping their clients updated. Look for a firm that can provide you with important ideas when it comes to your business.


Don’t form the attitude of telling an accountant firm that hey these are my books, so file the tax returns and we will see you next year. Always look out for a professional organization that can assist you with the much needed expert advice for growing your business. Follow these killer tips and you will be able to find the perfect fit easily.

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