6 crucial things every blogger should know

6 crucial things every blogger should know: Fashion comes and goes, it’s extremely changeable and it’s hard to predict what will become viral next. However, there are things that will hardly ever get out of date. Writing has always been one of such things. People who wrote fascinating stories and could share their experience with others using striking words were considered to possess an extreme power. No wonder they say that words are the greatest weapon of all time. With the appearance of Internet, the abilities of people who use…

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How to write a blog, tips to get more readers

How to write a blog, tips to get more readers: Owning a blog is one of the more lucrative enterprises in the world today. Before concluding on creating a blog, whether it is solely for profit, fun, business or whatever arouses your interest, you should consider the following. Will I be able to pay the blog sufficient attention so it does not die of maltreatment? What contents do I want to generate? Who would be my target audience? What do people like to see? Writing a blog is not a…

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Business Online, How to start a blog step by step guide free

how to start a blog

How to start a blog? You Are Reading this Post Means You Want to start your own blog, right? that’s a great idea. but the problem is that how to start a blog? which platform is best for your website? which domain name is best for your business? from  where you should buy hosting? On which topic you should start your blog? how to earn money from your blog? Well, there is lot’s of questions before going to start  your blog. but don’t worry we’ll provide you all the possible answers…

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