How to get more visitors to your site

How to get more visitors to your site?

Do you have blog or any website? and want to get more visitors? your website should have some attractive information which will increase interest of visitor to take more time to your website. And also if they’ll like information than they’ll more likely to recommend it to others, means you’ll get more visitors.

It’s look easy to attract more people but not at all. you need to do hard work and spend much time to get success on the internet world.  The offers more opportunity to get success as more than 3 billion people are using internet.  here some guidelines can help you to attract more visitors to your website and more money too..

Website Design:

Website Design

Thinking to start a new blog? if you want to use wordpress or any other CMS you Should select simple and attractive theme for your new business. theme should have simple colors, your website should be easy to navigate and easy to find to anything which is available on your website. Website loading speed should be high. it’ll also help you to increase your google’s rank.

Invest in native advertising network:

Have you blog or website? and don’t  have enough traffic? and thinking to advertise on different network’s to get traffic to your website? Advertising is best way to attract more visitors and clients. here few native advertising networks can help you to get targeted visitors to website cheaply.

Infolinks: Infolinks is a good advertising network. it’s also a cheap advertising network and give targeted visitors to your website.

OutbrainAdvertising your website by recommending your content to million of people can help you to get targeted traffic to your website, Outbrain is good solution for advertisement by recommending your content.

TaboolaIt’s also same like as Outbrain, you can advertise your content on that website too.

Rank your website:

Make sure to rank your website on google’s first page to get more visitors free of cost, for that you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website. first of ll you need to research your keywords, choose best match keywords for your website and rank your website for that keywords to get targeted visitors to your website.

Here few guidelines can help you to get better rank on google.

  • Make sure your website have original and unique content, don’t copy content from any website, write your own meaningful content.
  • well format your page/post, be sure to add relevant images in your post with caption.

Top Search Engines:

Google: Google is world’s number 1 search engine and have 337,911,221+ daily unique visitors.

BingBing also a very famous search engine, it’s developed by Microsoft, And have million of unique visitors daily.

YouTube: Youtube is a world number 1 search engine for videos, you can also add video to youtube and add link in description to get more visitors from youtube too.

Social Media:

Social media is best choice to get more and more visitors to your website, there is a lot’s of best social media networks available on the internet to get targeted visitors.

Here is Some top social media websites:

  • FacebookFacebook is world’s number one social media website and have approximately 1.3 billion user, Lot’s of famous website are getting too much traffic from facebook and earning massive income from their website.
  • Twitter: Twitter is also a world’s famous social media website and have millions of users. you can get more traffic from twitter by sharing your links to twitter.
  • LinkedInLinkedin have more than 400 million business professionals.


You might know about Reddit. What Is Reddit? Reddit is a social media, web content rating and discussion website.  On reddit you can share text post or direct links to get traffic to your website. make sure to add attractive title to get more visitors to your website.


If you are running blog or any website than you are on right to track to earn money, because internet have more than 3 billion users around the world.

Follow Above guidelines can help you to get more visitors to your website, More visitors mean more earning. you can also learn How to get legally adsense approved to earn more money from your website.


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