how to send blank message to whatsapp

how to send blank message to whatsapp:

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app within the world. immediately WhatsApp is offered in most OS like android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Java mobiles.

WhatsApp lets users exchange unlimited messages, videos, audios and pictures to everybody WHO is using WhatsApp on the phone. immediately there are over four hundred million active users WHO opt to use WhatsApp on a day to day.

how to use whatsapp without mobile number

Here we tend to are attending to share a stimulating trick that may allow you to send blank messages to your friends quickly. Well, you’ll be able to send the blank message to your friends and leave them confused.

The tutorial are going to very simple as a result of we are going to use a superb app that lets users send blank messages to friends in WhatsApp. Let’s know how to send Blank Messages in WhatsApp.

We will use AN android app known as Empty:

Empty could be a new app permits you to surprise your WhatsApp friend by sending AN empty or blank messages, as we all know that we can’t send empty message in Whats app however with Empty, you’ll be able to pair with the best manner simply by clicking on send button so choose your WhatsApp friend whom you would like to send the blank message.

How To Use Empty?

Step 1. 1st of all, you need to download and install Empty android application on your smartphone.

Step 2. Once installed, open the app you’ll see the screen like below. Click on the “Send” button.

Step 3. Well, the simplest part of this app is you don’t need to something. simply press the send button as shown within the on top of screenshot so choose the contact to whom you would like to send the blank messages.


That’s it! you’re done. this is however you’ll be able to send the blank message to your friends on WhatsApp. Hope you prefer the article, share it along with your friends too.

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