Track facebook profile visitors 2016 100% working

facebook profile visitors

How to Track facebook profile visitors 2016?

Mostly people want to know that who visit their Facebook profile, but Facebook doesn’t profile any Facebook profile visitor tracker. But here we are going to show you how you can track who visit your Facebook profile? 

By this method you can get all the list of who visit your Facebook profile. There is lot’s of methods are available on the internet but all of them don’t even work.  You can track who visit your profile by view page source. currently mostly people Try to find method that how to know who visit their profile, this extremely cool trick that can help you to know who visit your profile.

 Step by step guidelines to know who visit your profile:

  1. Login to your account on Facebook.
  2. by default it’ll take you to Facebook’s home page, but if you are not on home page than go to home page first.
  3. Press CTRL+U, A new window will be open there you can see the Facebook’s source code, Or you can go by Right Click >> Open Source Code.
  4. Now you need search by pressing CTRL+F and type InitialChatFriendsList and than hit enter to find. Now you can see many profile id’s started with 1000, you can pick any id to see who visit your profile, all the id’s are of those people who visit your profile. In below image you can see there is lot’s of id’s.

track facebook profile visitor

5. you can paste these id’s one by one like that to view who visit your profile.

You have to pick all of these id’s one by one and do the same procedure again and again in order to view all those people who visit your profile secretly, this method is little bit complicated  but it’s 100% working method, and you can know your profile visitors with this method.

This is a very cool trick to know who visit your profile that might can be your lover, your relative or your friend. Or that can be hacker too who watch your profile, they watch your information in order to hack your profile by using brute force to get access to your profile without knowing you.


Facebook don’t want to provide this cool feature to know who visit your profile, but with method you can know who visit your profile.

This is the best and simple way to track who visit your profile, if you have any doubt related to our article or facing any problem while tracking facebook visitor by using our guidelines you can feel to comment below, we’ll happy to help you, you can also suggest us your thoughts or any new trick, we’ll happily add it to our website to help others.



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2 thoughts on “Track facebook profile visitors 2016 100% working

  1. Hussein Bin Ali

    Well, it’s a nice trick.
    But actually what I want to know is the most recent visits…
    Please tell me that the numbers in an order of recent visits or the most visits or whom we chatted the most?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. Admin

      not yet. We’ll Update if there will be any way..

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